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Our Response to COVID-19

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

We at Strings in Action have always believed that learning can take place anywhere and everywhere, and virtual platforms are no exception. During this unprecedented time, SiA members have worked hard to curate an effective learning experience for the kids we work with through platforms such as Zoom. With help from our supporters, we have also been able to provide various supplies and donations to the orphanages, allowing for a safe and adequate learning setting.

To adapt to this less than ideal situation, SiA members have diligently participated in weekly hour-long Zoom meetings to plan and prepare lesson outlines and guidance videos to improve our approach to distanced learning. In addition to this, every Saturday morning, SiA members virtually 'meet' with our students to participate in 40-minute long virtual teaching sessions for each orchestra section to guide the students through various technical and musical exercises.

While we miss the face-to-face interactions with our students, we take this new virtual set up as an opportunity to improve and adapt. Until it's safe to go back to valuable face-to-face gatherings, SiA will earnestly continue to provide a productive learning experience for our students.


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