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Job Opportunities

Strings Teacher

Under the supervision of the SiA foundation, The Strings Teacher will support the SiA program in delivering the highest quality music strings program possible to our students.

  • Job Description:
    Teach around 20 students (between the ages of 9-15) the 4 strings instruments (violin, viola, cello and bass) in an orchestra setting. One 2-hour session per week. Lessons will be scheduled according to availability of teacher and orphanage.
  • Who is eligible?
    Indonesian citizen. Appropriate S1 degree and/or teaching credential required. Positive role model for students. Recent middle-grade school experience preferred. Documented success as a string teacher, instructor, or private tutor for students. Preferably able to demonstrated experience playing at least one string instrument, but has to be able to teach and play all four (violin, viola, cello, bass) at the beginning / intermediate level. Demonstrated organizational ability, initiative, and effective communication and interpersonal skills. Passion for music education. Experience working in teams. Success in conducting various ensembles.
  • What are my duties and responsibilities?
    Plans lessons collaboratively with SiA. Supports instruction by leading sectional rehearsals. Assists students with tuning and warm-ups. Conducts the entire orchestra as needed. Works with small ensembles on a regular basis until performance ready. Teach fundamental techniques and skills to students as required. Plays and models on their principal instrument as needed. It is able to identify students who need timely and specific assistance. Assists with the evaluation of student learning. Assists with the chaperoning of trips as needed (within Indonesia). Other duties as assigned by SiA.
  • What commitment do I need to make?
    You need to build positive interpersonal relationships: Maintains an open attitude toward new ideas. Collaborates with SiA teams and staff. Establishes and maintains cooperative and positive working and team relationship with those involved in the course of work.
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